Wood Green Spiritualist Church 
  Wood Green Spiritualist Independant Church (WGSiC)
Church Services on Sundays @ 6:30pm and Wednesday @ 7:30pm /
Silver Cord Healing on Tuesdays @ 7:30pm.

 Silver Cord Healing & Training Centre, 
 Naming, Wedding, Funeral and Animal Blessing Services.

Church enquires: 0208 888 1992 
  Email:wgsc1953@gmail.com / Twitter:wgsc1953@wgsc1953
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Love, Peace and Light.
                                        Planned Church Reopening Date - Sunday 5th September 2021.

Great news, our church reopening date is Sunday 5th September 2021.

When we reopen we will be implementing measures to safeguard our congregation, Church Committe and guests.

Please note:

  • - Wearing of face-coverings will be optional but advised if you are not vaccinated.
    - Our Church capacity will be limited to 24 and our doors closed early if necessary.
    - Hand sanitisers will need to be used on entry.
    - There will no Tea or Coffee served after our Wednesday, Sunday and Tuesday healing services.
    - Healing Services will be resuming on Tuesday 14th September, hand sanitisers will need to be used on entry and capacity might be limited.
    - As a precaution, please do not attend our Church if you or anyone close to you (Family or Friends) are feeling unwell with flu like symtoms.

    The above measures will be reviewed and eased after we reopen, based on our Church Committe ongoing risk assessment.

Wood Green Christian Independent Spiritualist Church (WGSiC) was founded in 1953 by Mrs Ida Stenning, 68 years ago.
Mrs Stenning dedicated her life and opened her home to deliver the teachings, philosophy, healing and proof of our eternal spirit through the foundation of Spiritualism.
Mrs Stenning devoted her life to serve spirit and her light shines brightly through the walls of our Church. This legacy continues through the dedication of our Church Committe members: Jason, Ava, Pam, Sheila, Lisa, plus Mary and Tony (Sub-Committe members).
Mrs Stenning's son, Basil Stenning, has continued his mum’s legacy with his great dedication as a spiritual healer. 

WGSiC adheres to the new Data Protection Act 2019 laws under GDPR and protects all Committe, Church members and Mediums personal contact details.

Jason: President & Lay Minister 
Ava: Vice President & Silver Cord Healer 
Church Service Times: 
Sundays: 18:30 pm  -  Wednesdays: 19:30 pm
Silver Cord Healing Times: 
Tuesdays 19:30 pm
Please arrive in goodtime before our services start.
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   Our Church Address

Located at the corner of Maryland Road off the High Road Wood Green, London N22 5AR - Near Tesco Express Local
Buses: 141,121, 232, 329
Car: North Circular Road A406 - Exit onto Green Lanes A105 towards Wood Green.

  Become a WGSiC Volunteer or Church Member

We always welcome an extra pair of helping hands, please see below how you could volunteer to help us.

Volunteer to support our special events
Volunteer to support our church services
Volunteer to help keep our church tidy
Volunteer to play our church piano 

Or become a Church member - Only £5 a year

Please speak to any of our Church Stewards if you would like to become a WGSC Volunteer.

We Thank You!

Church Services

Order of *Sunday & Wednesday Services 
Opening prayer (Invocation) 
Silence for healing and remembrance 
*Reading of enlightenment 
Inspired address given by medium 
Freewill offering (Offertory) 
Demonstration by medium 
Closing Prayer (Benediction) 
Closing Vesper 
We also have lots of uplifting hymns.

Church Events  & Healing
Our Healing session is due to resume on Tuesday 14th September 2021.
Silver Cord Healers and Trainee Healers
All our resident healers are Silver Cord trained, and we are happy to welcome all new attendees for healing on Tuesday evening from 7.30pm. 
Come and relax after hard days work and receive deep relaxing healing energy from our qualified Silver Cord Healers. 
All our healing sessions are free, with only a free will offerings to support our church. 
If you would like to become a trainee healer then come along and speak to Bobbi (Trainer/Assessor)
Church Garden Fete
Date / Time TBC in 2022
Enjoy a relaxing Family day at our Church Fete
Gate Enterance Ticket: 50p
Private Readings (£8 Tickets)
Stalls, Food and Books all sold at great prices!

Church AGM
Date / Time TBC 2022
Only Church Members are welcome and invited to attend our Annual AGM
*Advertise your spiritual event or
spiritual services on our website.

 *Free for first three months - £12 yearly.

Want to know more? You can contact us by this form.
Church enquires:
0208 888 1992
Gmail: wgsc1953@gmail.com

Twitter: wgsc1953@wgsc1953